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About Food Yin-Yang
Ancient Eastern medicine was practiced based on food properties. The ancient Eastern medicine practitioners believed that most foods are either Warm or Cold (Yin or Yang).
They believed too much Warm foods could have a warming effect on your body while too much Cold foods could have a cooling effect on your body.

Some of the warming effects could be hard on your liver, thicken your blood, raise your blood pressure, or cause pimples.
Cold foods could cool your body, thin the blood, lower your blood pressure, clean your internal organs, or clear your complexion.

Based on this belief, a balanced healthy diet would consist of both Warm and Cold foods. The practitioners often used Cold foods to offset the warming effects and Warm foods to offset the cooling effects in their patients.

The food items in this App will have one of the following properties (yin-yang):
  • Cold
  • Warm
  • Neutral
  • Unknown
Search by Name will find all food items containing the text you entered. You must enter at least 3 characters for the food name to start the search.

Search by Category will return all food items in that category. Food categories are created to make the search easier and they are not based on any nutritional food studies.

The information in this App is not intended to replace medical advice. You should not change your diet based on the information given in this App. The Warm and Cold food information in this App without consulting your physician.

The nutritional information in this App was derived from what is publically available from the Food & Drug Administration. The Cold and Warm designation was derived from years of research and interviewing many family members who did not have access to western medicine in their childhood.

Many cultures believe in food yin-yang but their Cold and Warm designation may differ from what is given in this App. Not all foods in this App have a Warm or Cold designation. The Warm and Cold designation for modern or processed foods are based on their ingredients. This App does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the content or that any errors in the content will be corrected.